Hanyu Story

The biggest competitiveness of Hanyu Group that takes the initiative in global management leadership and environmentally friendly business can be found in human beings.


Sharing hope and happiness, Hanyu Group has worked hard for a brighter future for the past 50 years.


Hanyu 50th Anniversary

For the past 50 years, Hanyu has made ceaseless efforts to realize an expansive company.

Creative talent development

The company is conducting talent management in order to generate strong outcome on the back of strong and flexible organizational culture.


One may file a job application only on the Korean website.
If you click the button at the bottom, you can move to the Korean website.


It delivers various news about people-oriented Hanyu.


It introduces Hanyu infrastructure making a leap forward as a global energy market leader.

Denial of unauthorized collection of email

Email addresses on the bulletin board in the website shall not be collected without approval through the use of an email address collection program or other technical gadgets, and violators shall receive a criminal penalty in accordance with Information and Communication Network Act.

Date of posting: April 28, 2016