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CI(Symbol Mark)

Symbol Mark of Hanyu.

Symbol Mark

Symbol Mark was designed to indicate an official name of Hanyu.
Symbol Mark is a unique symbol that visualizes Hanyu’s image by implication and considered as a very important element in creating visual image.

You can download HANYU CI files.

ci simbol
Blue Door

It is a gate to the world symbolizing the sky and the sea and indicates a promising spirit of challenge aimed at entering larger markets.

Orange Door

It is a gate to happy energy symbolizing power and passion and indicates an entrepreneurial spirit aimed at pushing for boundless trust.

Green Door

It is a gate to the future symbolizing life and environment and indicates a spirit of sharing with the world.

The gate stretching from the lower left to the center right leads to powerful happy energy in the world indicating ceaseless devotion for the future.

Denial of unauthorized collection of email

Email addresses on the bulletin board in the website shall not be collected without approval through the use of an email address collection program or other technical gadgets, and violators shall receive a criminal penalty in accordance with Information and Communication Network Act.

Date of posting: April 28, 2016