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Personnel management system

Personal management principle of Hanyu.

Personnel management principle

The company helps each and every employee exercise their potential to the fullest and produce the best results and enables them to create synergy through teamwork by respecting diverse individuality.

  • Recruitment and development of manpower

    Acquisition and maintenance of excellent specialists
    Training-oriented manpower development
    Placement of employees with the right talent in the right position
    Selection and promotion of outstanding employees

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  • Fair evaluation and treatment

    Growth-and-competence-centered compensation
    Guaranteed reliability in evaluation system

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  • Establishment of new corporate culture

    Creation of exciting culture

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Manpower development

The company enables talented employees to further their competence and career by developing educational system aimed to help exercise potential power to the fullest as well as various educational courses.

  • Hierarchical education

    Education for executives Education for promoted employees Education for competence improvement by position Leadership education Introductory education for new employees

  • Job education

    Specialized job education
    Embarkation education and field training
    Foreign language education
    Computer education
    Online education for self-development

  • Liberal education

    Customer service education
    Consciousness-raising and moral education
    Certification education
    Sexual harassment-prevention education
    Overseas training, book discussion & liberal education

Evaluation system

The company operates target-management system in order to link personal performance to evaluation, and a method of evaluation consists of performance assessment and competence assessment.

  • Performance evaluation
    Once / Year
  • Competence evaluation
    Once / Year

Denial of unauthorized collection of email

Email addresses on the bulletin board in the website shall not be collected without approval through the use of an email address collection program or other technical gadgets, and violators shall receive a criminal penalty in accordance with Information and Communication Network Act.

Date of posting: April 28, 2016