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CEO’s message

Hanyu, a truthful company delivery happy energy!

Executive Managing Director & Chairman	 Park Gi-heung

Welcome to our homepage.

Since 1967 when Hanyu was inaugurated as the Korea’s first supplier of ship fuel oil, the company has continuously grown to emerge as an energy-intensive business engaged in manufacturing and distributing petroleum products and providing related services, and it will consistently develop its business as an energy specialist in the future.

Over the past half a century, Hanyu has realized value management based on its own managerial philosophy that can be summed up as ethical management.
Concentrated on such core values as humanity, honesty, trust and challenge, the company is creating outstanding corporate culture for future growth.

Based on such core strategies as differentiation and customer-oriented management, Hanyu will realize co-prospering management through collaboration with partners while taking the initiative in finding alienated areas to create community culture where people live in harmony with one another.

The company is committed to developing into a genuinely truthful industrial leader that can provide the highest value through ceaseless changes and innovations.

Thank you.

Executive Managing Director & Chairman Ki-Heung Park

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Date of posting: April 28, 2016