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Social contribution

A truthful company with HANYU.

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Hanyu is conducting diversified social contribution activities in order to improve the quality of life in local community while enhancing corporate value and social value at the same time.

Corporate activities aimed to fulfill social responsibilities are considered as efforts to establish constructive relationships between companies and the society, share corporate competence with the society and further achieve growth and development with each other. Hanyu is conducting various activities to fulfill its social responsibilities with a firm conviction that social contribution activities are directly related to constructive future of the society.


  • See below Social welfare

    Support for Blind Welfare Center
    Support for handicapped association
    Support for Community Chest of Korea
    Support for multi-cultural families
    Welfare support for the elderly
    Community welfare project participation

  • See below Child sponsorship

    Support for unfed children
    Support for Food for the Hungry Committee
    Support for overseas children

  • See below Volunteer

    Blood donation
    Briquette-Sharing Volunteer Activity
    Year-end sharing event for neighbors
    Volunteer activity society

  • See below Education & scholarship

    Scholarship for child heads of households

  • See below Environmentally friendliness

    Local Clean Day
    Trail protection activities
    Environmental purification volunteer activity

  • See below Culture & sports

    Support for local sociocultural sport events
    Support for handball association

Denial of unauthorized collection of email

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Date of posting: April 28, 2016