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It is Hanyu's PR Video.


Hanyu is a leader in the Korean ship fueling sector!

Starting with ship fueling business in 1967, Hanyu is conducting diversified business ranging from bunkering, maritime transportation, operation of oil storage tank terminals and jet aircraft fueling to fuel oil trading.
Since 1967, Hanyu has been providing total services related to ship fueling based on accumulated technologies through bunkering, it main business area. Since 2001, the company has offered fueling services to domestic and foreign aircrafts through jet fuel storage facilities and fueling equipment installed in Cheongju International Airport.
It also engages in trading fuel oil by operating oil storage tank terminals in Gwangyang.
Marine transport business, a growth engine of Hanyu, is expanding its domain into global transport in China, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia going beyond inner harbor transportation business. Presently, the company equipped with petroleum product carriers, asphalt carriers and bio-heavy oil tankers is emerging as a global shipping logistics leader.
For the past 50 years, Hanyu has made ceaseless efforts to realize an expansive company.

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Date of posting: April 28, 2016