ABOUT HANYU - We continue to make a challenge for a better future along with creative and passionate global talents.

Vision / Core Value

Hanyu makes a challenge for a better future.


Management Vision

Pushing for ethical management, Hanyu has been walking a single path as a trustworthy company offering the best services for the past 50 years on the back of a spirit of challenge and pioneer.

With aims to sustain growth and make profits, the company is conducting energy business that delivers the highest value for customer satisfaction based on corporate ethics and a sense of duty as an environmentally friendly energy company that values social contribution. Hanyu will make continuous efforts to emerge as a reliable company that can contribute to advancing the human society as a partner delivering unlimited value for customers’ happiness.


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    Social contribution based on environmentally friendly business

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    Social contribution based on environmentally friendly business

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    Establishment of solid growth base and exploration of growth engine for the future

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    Acquisition of excellent human resources and development of manpower

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    Introduction of future-oriented corporate organizational culture

Core Value

  • An emphasis on human beings

    Human beings are the main actors leading a business, and only a happy individual belonging to a company is capable of expanding happiness into a family, an organization, a society and further to a nation.

  • Honesty

    A company needs to comply with basics and principles and acting fair and square not only for itself but also to others.

  • Trust

    A company can realize development by winning trust through transparent management and mutual trust.

  • Challenge

    In order to sustain growth, a company needs to make preparations and challenges for the future all the time.

Denial of unauthorized collection of email

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Date of posting: April 28, 2016