ABOUT HANYU - We continue to make a challenge for a better future along with creative and passionate global talents.

About Hanyu

Hanyu makes a challenge for a better future.


We continue to make a challenge
for a better future along with
creative and passionate global talents .

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Inaugurated as Korea Maritime Fueling Corporation headquartered in Busan in September 1967, Hanyu entered into ship fueling agency contract with the Korea Oil Corporation before growing into a representative oil transportation company making contract with Pohang Iron & Steel and the Navy.

Relocating its headquarters into Myeong-dong (YMCA Center) in Seoul in 1976, the company expanded business by entering into various oil contracts with domestic large companies, government offices and national institutions and emerged as a major company by establishing various affiliates such as Hanyu Energy aimed to produce and distribute processed oil products, Hanyu aimed to fuel ships and aircrafts, Hanyu Chemical aimed to produce and distribute carbon dioxide and industrial gas and Hanyu Nextel aimed to emerge as an industrial leader in the ICT sector.

After relocating the HQ into the current new building in 2009, Hanyu is making a new challenge to do business in larger markets along with creative and enthusiastic global talents.

Management philosophy

Management for respect for human beings, Future-oriented management, Trusted management
Management for respect for human beings, Future-oriented management, Trusted management
Management for respect for human beings
Considering all employees and their family members as Hanyu members, Hanyu is making efforts to help them lead a happy family life and a satisfying work life at the same time while putting customers’ satisfaction and pursuit of happiness before anything else.
Future-oriented management
Amid rapidly changing managerial environment, Hanyu will push for new projects for a brighter future and emerge as an industrial leader contributing to the national economy by introducing consistent managerial innovation and innovative managerial techniques.
Trusted management
Hanyu is realizing transparent and responsible management that can be trusted by customers, partners and employees through honest and sincere management.

Dos and don’ts

  • The company will continuously play a leading role in realizing innovation.

    Hanyu will take the initiative in making changes for better management environment and customer services without resting on laurels.

  • The company will ceaselessly generate results.

    Paying attention to expanding project scale, Hanyu will strive to emerge as the top energy service provider in Korea by producing solid results centering on operating profits. In an effort to achieve sustainable growth through proactive response to changing environment by sector, Hanyu will generate the best outcome through creation of new value.

  • We will love our customers like our own family.

    Putting the strongest emphasis on customer satisfaction for the purpose of managerial success, Hanyu will realize transparent and fair business with partner companies offering the best value.

Ethical management

Recognizing the importance of honest and transparent business activities for the purpose of corporate survival and consistent development, all employees are committed to realizing ethical management while putting it into practice.

  • 아래내용 참조
    아래내용 참조
    Compliance with the principles

    Employees neither connive in systematic irregularities and injustice nor condone all inappropriate practices such as gifts, money, meals and entertainment provided by business partners.

  • 아래내용 참조
    아래내용 참조
    Transparent management

    They are not supposed to receive gifts and entertainment from stakeholders inside or outside the company by taking advantage of their superior status as incumbents.

  • 아래내용 참조
    아래내용 참조
    Proper ethics

    The company prohibits its employees from giving presents to each other citing an overseas trip, training, family events and holidays as a reason.

Hanyu’s History

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  • Hanyu Group’s History Start-up period 1967 ~ 1989

    Hanyu, the Korea’s first bunkering specialist, was established as Hankook Maritime Refueling Company in 1967 and took the first step as a major national oil transporter before expanding business area by selling petroleum and land and marine lubricants.

  • Growth period Growth period 1989 ~ 2007

    After inauguration of Park Ki-Heung, the second president, the company established Hankook Special Oil Service to establish an agency contract with SK Telecom and found Hanyu Chemical while laying the foundation for growth on the back of diversifying business from oil distribution to special gas production and communications.

  • Take-off period Take-off period 2007 ~ 2015

    Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the company established and proclaimed a new vision and changed CI before generating a mid-to-long-term strategy. It also founded Hanyu Nextel and acquired Zicos to realize a new growth engine while making a leap forward.

  • Expansion period Expansion period 2016 ~

    Taking another leap on the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the company is bracing itself for getting into its stride to emerge as a global company.

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Date of posting: April 28, 2016